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Celebrating 10Years

e-Gov Service

Pioneers of e-Governance services in India, Data Expert Technologies is assuming a critical function in the implementation of government services in India. Dynamic business environment and increasing accountability are prompting governments to become more competitive and transparent. Government associations in India additionally face various difficulties in reaching out to citizens because of the tremendous population and diverse demographics of the country.

To overcome these impediments, Data Expert Technologies is working closely with government bodies to facilitate public utilities through Information Technology and build a modern framework of governance in India. As a leading solutions provider of e-governance services in the country, we deliver hundreds of government services right at the doorstops of millions of citizens in India every day. Over the years, we have built a robust delivery model by expanding our network of service centers and workforce across the rural pockets and major urban centers in India.

Government services including utility bills, certificates, landholding records, taxation and education, reach out to more than 4 million rural citizens and 3 million urban citizens every month. Besides, we also taking key services such as transportation, telecommunications and health to small cities and remotest regions of the country. Data Expert Technologies has taken several path-breaking initiatives in the area of e-governance such as development of print module for land records, use of video conferencing in high-sensitive criminal cases and digitization of various government offices such as Department of Stamp and Registration and Road Transport Department.